Funny Card Games For The Entire Family

Funny Card Games For The Entire Family

There are certain card games that the whole family can enjoy all of the time. These games only require cards and people.

The Spoon Game 

This game can be played with any amount of players. However, it is best to have at least ten people playing the game for the most fun. Everyone has a spoon in front of him/her. Once a person gets a four-pair, he/she can pick up the spoon. The last person with a spoon in front of them loses.

Ship Sails

This is another fun game for five to ten people. Every player must select a certain hand before they receive their cards. They are then given seven cards, which are faced down when distributed. After everyone has seven cards, the rest of the deck is put away. Players then see if they have the certain hand they claimed in the beginning. If not, they can change the name of their hand. At this point, each player will give the next player a card. The person to get the hand they predicted wins the game. 

Head To Head

Head To Head is a game for two players. However, this is a game that children of any age can play. A deck of cards is split in half. One person takes a card from the first part of the deck, and the other person takes a card from the other part of the deck. Whoever has the higher hand wins both of the cards. This continues until both piles are gone. The person with the most cards wins. 


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