A note about card game rules

A note about card game rules

The various forms of card games that are played all over the world have different set of rules. The interesting things about the rules in various card games can be tweaked as per the players’ choice. However, it should be agreed upon all the persons to obey the rules unanimously who would be playing the game.  Almost all the card games that are played in today’s world are invented by an individual or are played by modifying an existing form of card game.
The rules, which are, followed during any card game forms the ‘house rules’. These house rules can be particular to any set of persons who are playing amicably or might be the authorized dictates of casino, club or café where the card games are usually played. In case, the game becomes popular, where there might be a possibility of playing with strangers, then the rules are jotted down for a wider geography to ensure uniformity. However, this process should not be considered as the bible of rules because there might be some consideration or changes.
In case, a card game tournament occurs, then the rule set is officially published by the governing body of the tournament. These set of rules are followed diligently throughout the course of the tournament. For example, the Bridge tournament is governed by an association named World Bridge Federation. This association has various other local governing bodies, which take care of any kind of bridge tournaments that are associated with the game of bridge in a particular geography.


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