Trick Deck: A Short Note

Trick Deck: A Short Note

Card Tricks are an essential part of any magic show. There are various ways to perform the card tricks. However, some of the magicians use a special deck known by the name of trick deck to carry on with their performance. Such decks are generally used in those situations where ‘sleight of hand’ is not practically possible. Trick deck can be bought from any regular magic dealer. The main disadvantage with such decks is that they are easily noticeable to any keen observant, thus snatching away the fun in the card tricks.

Various kinds of trick decks are available in the market for any magic performance. One of the most common trick decks is stripper deck. The other names of stripper deck include Biseauté, Tapered or Wizard Deck. This deck helps to locate any particular card or a group quite easily within the deck, ever after neutral shuffling. Another deck, known as Svengali Deck is quite popular amongst the card tricksters. The deck has an alternate of normal and shortened cards, which makes it easy for the magician to locate a particular card.

Various other decks are frequently used by magicians for their show on card tricks. These decks include marked, mental photography, forcing, rising cards, invisible, brain wave and many more. Some non-standard decks that are not essentially trick decks might be combined along with regular ones for magic tricks. Each of the deck types implies various methods in order to help the magicians identify the card(s) that they need to provide an impeccably flawless performance.


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