Latest Research On The Influence On Decision From Card Tricks

Latest Research On The Influence On Decision From Card Tricks

In a recent research, it was found that secret magic tricks are often used to sway the decisions of people. The study reveals that different contextual factors work together in these tricks to influence the decision of individuals in different grounds. However, on the contrary, in most cases, it is found that people making the decisions are hardly aware that they are taking the decisions through cards. They feel that these decisions are taken by them freely. Research even says that some tricks are also associated with daily decision-making.
The research was started with a common principle of magic how magicians influence audiences in choosing a particular card. The audience actually chooses cards based on the decisions of the magicians without the audiences being aware of it. It was found that people mostly choose options that are either attention grabbing or salient. However, they don’t know the reason for which they choose such cards.
It was said that the research was conducted on two levels. In the first stage, a professional magician approached public and asked them to choose a card by looking at the card deck. Within the spur of a second, the magician used a technique to find out the right card, which was certainly more noticeable than the others. In the second stage, a computer-based version of the riffle was created in the research with 26 cards sequentially on a screen. Participants silently chose cards, and they chose different cards.  Hence, psychology is also involved in the process.

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