We all love the tricks magicians use to entertain us, watching is never enough for others and that’s internet exist ‘below are few tips on the tricks:

1. Anti Gravity card
A card is chosen from the deck and shown to the spectator. The magician puts it on his palm where after a subtle magic wave of his other hand. The card is seen rising up from his hand.
2. Rising playing card trick
The deck is first shuffled and then fanned out in front of the spectator who is allowed to choose any card, memorize it and then hand it back to be shuffled into the pack. The pack is then held out directly in front of the spectator where their chosen card is seen to be slowly rising out from the middle of the deck.
3. Card snap change
A card is clearly shown to the spectator. The card suddenly changes into a completely different card right under their noses.
4. Easy card levitation
A card is clearly shown on both sides to the spectators. The card then appears to float in mid air before being quickly grabbed by the magicians
5. Card bounce trick
A magician makes a freely chosen card to appear in some crazy places after it has mysteriously disappeared from the main deck.
6. Pushover card trick
A card is clearly shown to the audience; it is seen to have a small hole in the center of the card, barely big enough to fit a small finger tip through it. The card is then folded in two and a large coin appears to be pushed through the smaller hole in the card.

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