Card Tricks for Beginners

Card Tricks for Beginners

As a kid, we were amazed at the card and magic tricks performed by others. We watch as a card is chosen that we though they would never guess. Pull a rabbit out of a hat. Make someone disappear or float in mid-air. Saw someone in half and somehow they are still alive. All of these classic tricks sparked the imagination and conjured up images of being on stage with a long, black cape and top hat.

Many of us still would like to learn a trick or two just to show off. But others, especially kids would like to learn the art, know the secrets and amaze others. Like all arts, it is best to start off slow, often with learning card tricks that can be perfected with the slight-of-hand technique that will be used in other tricks. Here are some easy to learn tricks that you can practice or help your child learn.

  • The floating card

  • Spinning the card in mid air

  • The count- finding the right card

  • Magnetic card- sticks to your hand

  • Dealing a royal flush


All of these can be learned by looking them up on the internet. Step by step instructions make it easy for you to understand the trick and perform it well. Only practice will help to fool your friends and family into thinking you have real magic.


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